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Bicycle Theft

The Fast & The Furious…Not the Movie…

Bicycles thieves are experts and are incredibly fast at condominium site entry, optimum bicycle selection and removal and fleeing from the condominium site. This leaves victims of these crimes absolutely furious and for not only about the hassle of reporting to police and insurance but also the stigmatization that transcends throughout the entire condominium community. As reported in our May 2020 Riskboss Alert, contrary to popular belief that bike thefts occur in the early morning hours while most people are sleeping, statistics surprisingly prove that 6pm is the peak time for such thefts.

On July 5th, 2020 these two bicycle thieves entered the underground parking garage behind a resident in a condominium in the Queen Street West and University Avenue area, in downtown Toronto. They stole a bicycle and left in seconds. If you see these two individuals on your property or if you witness a crime in progress, please contact police right away. Residents are reminded that safety comes first so if you see these two bicycle bandits do not try to intervene or engage – call 911.

Riskboss recommends the following precautions in preventing trespassing into your property

  • When entering underground garages, please take a few moments to confirm the door closes behind you
  • Be aware of any suspicious activity in the underground garage and report it immediately to security
  • Do not open doors for anyone who you do not recognize as living in the building
  • Register your bicycle’s serial number with concierge and Toronto Police Confirm you have adequate home insurance that will cover you in the event of a loss
  • Use durable high-quality locks for your bicycles
  • Always report crimes in progress to 911 immediately

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