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The Employee Experience

Part of our Samsonshield brand is to ensure an employee experience that is second-to-none. We understand that the only way to get the best is to offer the best.

  • As such, we provide all of our staff with the following:
  • The highest wages in the industry
  • An industry-unique Employee Family Assistance Program
  • Non-Rotating Sites & Non-Rotating Shifts
  • Paid Training
    24/7/365 Employee Support and Assistance 
  • Excellent group benefits (health, dental, vision and life insurance)
  • Real potential for promotions to supervisory positions
Employee Journey

The Employee Journey

Samsonshield employees are the most critical element to our success. Our employees routinely interact with residents, clients, and the public, and understand that they are brand ambassadors; not just for Samsonshield, but also for our clients.

Find out more about every stage of the Samsonshield
Employee Journey and how to join the Samsonshield Team.

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