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Proven Success

Measuring Success

Every week, our sites complete and submit Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that track the processes for each location.

It gives us the ability to quickly determine if additional training or a reallocation of resources is required to ensure compliance within our standards.

Let us demonstrate how success is supposed to be measured!


Maintaining Standards

Samsonshield’s governance is the most extensive in the industry and covers a wide range of best practices, policies, and requirements.

We often revise it to ensure that it stays relevant, and all employees are trained and accredited on all governance.

Let us prove to you that we maintain the highest standards in the industry!

Ensuring Compliance

As an additional level of oversight and control, Samsonshield introduced our Independent Quality Assurance and Inspection Program with our sister company Riskboss.

It ensures that our employees are always in compliance and supported by training, knowledge, standards, and requirements for their positions. See the difference when standards are ensured!

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