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Virtual Pandemic Planning & Preparedness

Services Riskboss

Right out of the gate, Samsonshield assisted by our sister company Riskboss implemented our Emergency Business Continuity Plans that is now protecting the residential condominium communities we serve and our front line essential service employees.

By implementing pre-planned strategies, providing high grade protective equipment and engaging time-tested safety protocols and processes, we are prepared for and are meeting this challenge head on.

It is very important to note that during COVID19, Samsonshield continues to manage all condominium sites with our standard 8-hour shift schedule, with fixed shifts and fixed locations and with no days off cancelled so that our team members are properly rested and can spend important time with their families coming back to work healthy, alert and ready.

Samsonshield is one of the only security firms that has maintained full employment capacity during this pandemic. During the state of emergency we also provided a substantial pay increase and other financial assistance programs to all front line employees at no cost to our clients.

In an environment where 12 to 18 hour shifts, multiple site assignments, multiple site deployments and cancelled days off is the norm for many companies, Samsonshield has honored all of our commitments to our clients and to our front line staff like no other company.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn how the Samsonshield/Riskboss value proposition will benefit your community and how we have always kept our promises since we began operations back in 2009.

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