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Pet Ownership in Condominiums A Growing Concern

Pet Ownership in Condominiums A Growing Concern

Our sister company, Riskboss routinely gets calls for advice and opinion on how to deal with pet issues in condominiums. Calls for information have been on the rise since the COVID19 Pandemic began as more people are working from home. No condominium community is immune to such issues. Pet issues are not only predicable but always preventable.

Most pet owners are responsible and genuinely care about how their pets interact with other pets and residents. There are; however, pet owners in every condominium community that simply don’t get it causing anxiety, bad feelings and frustration for everyone. 

Keeping of pets in residential buildings is subject to provincial and municipal laws, and also condominium by-laws and building rules where applicable. Knowing the law and how to handle pets in a condominium community not only assists pet owners to enhance the quality of life of their pets, but also will greatly reduce the likelihood of unfortunate incidents that may impact the community leading to unintended consequences.

Local by-laws such as the City of Toronto Municipal Code is the guiding law surrounding pets within the boundaries where condominiums are found. Building rules must be in keeping with the such local laws; however, condominium corporations may, by way of powers in the Condominium Act, impose more stricter rules for their communities.  

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