Professional Services

Samsonshield's professional services can Reduce operational risk and improve the quality of life at your luxury condominium

Property Risk Assessments Services

Verify the effectiveness of your property's security and overall risk posture through a independent third-party risk assessment report. Samsonshield's vulnerability and risk assessment methodology can be rapidly deployed in order to determine what risks exist in your environment and how they can be most-effectively addressed so as to reduce your overall level of risk.

Candidate Screening & Background Verification

Theft and breaches of confidence is overwhelmingly instigated by employees. Don't risk the liability associated with hiring the wrong individual or granting secure access until you've completed a thorough background check. Surprisingly cost effective and yet very thorough, background screenings can provide your condominium board with peace of mind.

Provincial & Bylaw Investigations

Having issues with unpleasant neighbors? Samsonshield can provide the level of assertive intervention needed to investigate, document and manage the elimination of ongoing neighborhood disruptions. Improve the quality of life at your luxury condominium effective and confidential service.

General Investigations

Successful outcomes begin with accurate information. As a dual-licensed agency, Samsonshield can provide your board with the details required to make sound decisions and take decisive steps. When addressing difficult and potentially sensitive situations, such as theft, fraud, or breaches of confidentiality, reduce your risk by engaging Samsonshield.

Samsonshield is dual-licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and is authorized to conduct private investigations in compliance with the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005.


Samsonshield offers comprehensive security and risk management services for luxury condominium communities. Our unique business model is based on a combination of best practices from both business operations and law enforcement while emphasizing customer service as our brand trademark.

Utilizing a portfolio of service offerings, Samsonshield helps luxury properties transition to a higher level of customer service resulting in better overall security and owner satisfaction.

For more information request a comprehensive consultation, or speak to a Samsonshield
service representative at (416) 214-1717.

Combine & Customize

Samsonshield services are designed to be combined and customized to provide unique property-specific solutions suited to the needs of your luxury condominium residents.

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Samsonshield is proud to be a member of the Association of Condominium Mangers of Ontario, the Canadian Condominium Institute and the Better Business Bureau

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