About Us

We built a concierge and security company that we'd want
to do business with.

We hope you feel the same way.

Service is our brand

We've built a reputation for providing great service and work hard to live up to it.

People are the key

Quality, motivated employees and strong teams are the key to our success.

We remain focused

We exclusively serve the needs of luxury condominiums and private residences.

It's about relationships

Developing strong, trust-based relationships is at the heart of our business strategy.

Customer service as a strategic priority

We've set our sights on becoming the #1 service-driven concierge and security company in Ontario. We specialize. We do not engage in any business other than condominiums. Our training, operational systems and hiring is all geared around delivering the best possible service experience on each and every interaction. A focus on customer service fuels the way we grow our business and enriches the value we bring to each of our clients.

A fresh approach to luxury condominium Security

When we designed the Samsonshield service model we started with a blank piece of paper, abandoning old assumptions about how security is supposed to operate. Many condominium board members and property managers are unsatisfied with the traditional approach to condominium security so we've developed a new model that meets their unique needs. Fed up with average? Call us!

Employees who actually enjoy their work

You don't need an MBA to know that happy employees do a better job. We make every effort to create a work environment that not only respects our individual employees but makes them feel like they are part of something special. From above average pay, to extensive group benefits, and better shift assignments, our most important customers are our employees. We strive to ensure the employee experience is equal to that of the client experience. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated and are an equal opportunity employer.

Leveraging technology for a better experience

Utilizing technology saves time, reduces cost and simply makes things easier. From day one we've looked for ways to enhance our client's experience through the smart use of technology. From our online invoice and billing portal to an advanced shift assignment tool, we'll continue to use technology to look for opportunities to improve communication and drive better service. We maintain a paperless and green organization

Contact us to learn more about Samsonshield's unique
approach to luxury condominium security/ concierge.

Tired of Average?

Simply Better Service
Tired of not getting the level of service and personalized attention which you expect?
We can help.

Save Time & Money
Its about much more than just an hourly rate. Poor service increases costs to your luxury property in more ways than one.

Increase Your Brand
Most boards are surprised to discover just how cost effective good service can be. Our service commitments are backed up in writing, which is backed up by our actions each and every day.

Reduce Your Risk
Our teams are licensed and trained not just to delivery great service but to pay attention to the details which can help mitigate your overall risk and protect your most precious assets.

Look More Professional
Your concierge is typically the first person whom guests, visitors and prospective owners come in contact with. A first impression reflects on your entire property, make it a good one.

The Transition is Easy
With complimentary transition management your risk is reduced as we ensure that the transition is seamless. It couldn't be easier.

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